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All products sold in this website are sold for research purposes ONLY. We do not encourage consumption, resell nor any other illegal use of Research Chemicals. All sales of Research Chemicals are subject to the Service Agreement and Terms of Use available on our website.




Research Chemicals Canada


4-AcO-DMT & New Lab Supplies - (03/26/2015)

Hello everyone,
We know that some of you were waiting for more 4-AcO-DMT. We now have more in stock, the 3g and 1g quantities are available again.

Also, there are a few Lab Supplies that will be added to our inventory shortly:

  • 3 models of Analytical Scale
  • 2 models of Protection Masks
  • Different models of Chemical bags

There will be more in a very near future. Please do not hesitate if you have any question or need more information.

Thank you,
Team BCL Supply


Sales - (03/24/2015)

Dear Customers,
First of all, thanks to everyone for being comprehensive and loyal. We are now happy to let you know that we are 100% operational due to all of you.

Here are the new promotions:

Yes, we added a few sales, but do not forget the ones already ongoing:

Once again, thank you! BCL Supply is nothing without all of you and it is really appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question, it'll be a pleasure to answer to your emails.

Team BCL Supply


Credit Card Payment Available - (03/09/2015)

Dear Customers,
We are more than happy to announce that credit card payment is now available.

Thank you for you patience and comprehension. Please do not hesitate to contact us on the live chat or via email.

Team BCL Supply


Misinformation About Our Company - (03/05/2015)

Hello everyone,
Due to some bad reviews about us made by the ex-partner of Dany Vachon, now president and co-owner of BCL Supply, people are hesitating to buy from us. Please, do not make your opinion about us on these reviews. We decided to stay fully professional in the split-up, unlike the other party.

The fact that we have the DB and the same template of Biochem Distribution (which is offline since a long time) is 100% legal. Dany made sure with his ex-partner that it was OK with him, which it was. All of these bad reviews are actually defamation against our company.

Also, please understand that we are not Biochem Distribution. We are a distinct entity and we do not want to be linked to BCD in any way.

Thank you for doing business with us and making your own opinion about us.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question and/or need more information.
Team BCL Supply


Payment Methods and New Product - (03/04/2015)

Dear customers,
Credit card payment is, as you can all see, taking a lot longer than we planned and it will not be available before 2-3 weeks.
Contrariwise, there are a few other payment methods. We do accept Western Union, MoneyGram, Money Order, Bank Wire and e-Interac transfer (inside Canada only). We are also working on adding other payment methods such as Payza and Perfect Money.
The Payment Method page will be updated tomorrow with more information on the procedures for each payment method.

We just added a product to our inventory

Once again, thank you for your patience and comprehension.
Team BCL Supply


Update on Website - (02/20/2015)

Hello everyone,
Since we are having numerous emails about when credit card payment will be available, we decided to give you an answer here directly. It should be available by the end of next week, but it is completly out of our control and we can't make it faster.

Also, concerning the sales, please note that they will be extended until at least 1 week after the credit card payment is working. Do not worry to miss them, an email will be sent to everyone as soon as credit card payment is available.

Please see this period of time as a pre-openning since we are not 100% operational.

We are very grateful for your fidelity, loyalty, patience and comprehension.
Team BCL Supply


Welcome in our RC / Lab Supply Online Store - (02/17/2015)

Dear Customers,
We are happy to welcome you in our new RC / Lab Supply online store. Unfortunately, for a short period of time, the available payment methods will be Western Union and E-Interac transfers. We are currently waiting on our credit card processor to set our account and it will be longer than we thought. An email will be sent to all our customers as soon as it's available.

We kept our old habbits, so here are the ongoing promotions:

These promotions will be available until Thursday February 19th inclusively. It is a way to apologize to all of you for the long time period it took to come back online.

We also have new products in stock! Here they are:

Thanks to all of you for your comprehension and being back with us.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any question or comment.

Best Regards,
Team BioChem Lab Supply